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Posted by: ahowland | 24th Feb, 2011

Life Goes On

In this class we have talked a lot about the destruction and degradation of the environment by humans all over the world. From deforestation, wetland destruction, sea level rise, temperature change, more extreme storms, and so much more, its hard not to get depressed and wonder is there anything good occurring in the environment anymore?? But then a new video comes online from places such as that show two polar bear cubs who have left their den for the first time since being born and take their first steps out into the Arctic ice. Most adorable thing ever. It really shows that life, no matter what, goes on. Even with the sea ice melting and it being harder than ever for polar bears to find food, videos like this show that they survive. (If you want to watch the video again, click here).

Polar bear mother and cub

New offspring are being born all the time and BBC Earth’s website has created a great webpage based on their theme for this month: New. They show their theme through clips and pictures about new offspring and new life. Unfortunately, I cannot attach the main video that summarizes this, but you should definitely check it out on the website at:, and click Get Stared once it loads. It shows another adorable video about new offspring all over the world, and you click the sides to explore and see more animals. It’s for these exact videos that show us what’s out there in nature that we need to hold on to. With so much bad and destruction of the environment going on, there is still so much life and good out in nature. It’s this exact reason why humans shouldn’t give up hope. Yes it is true that we have already drastically increased greenhouse gas emissions and speed up climate change, and some things are going to occur as a result of human actions that we can’t stop since they have already been put in motion such as rising temperatures and sea levels, but it doesn’t mean we should stop trying. There are still a lot of things humans can do to prevent further climate change, more greenhouse gas emissions, and more bad effects. And with videos and pictures such as those on the website above, it inspires us to keep fighting for saving the environment and ensuring that life goes on.

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