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Posted by: ahowland | 16th Mar, 2011

Food and Agriculture

Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature, Food Inc. was an enlightening film showing the behind the scenes of our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized corporations that have been hidden from the American consumer. It was a very education film that hit a wide range of topics from organic food, the “dollar menu,” diabetes and obesity, genetic engineering, Kevin’s Law, politics, and so much more. Watching the film greatly impacts you, and for me I was not able to eat meat all day after I watched it and I am still struggling with what to eat.  It was very disturbing to watch what exactly they do to the livestock, how they treat and raise them, and the conditions in the slaughterhouse. I was absolutely disgusted. And how the slaughterhouses treat their employees, such as Smithfield Foods, was horrendous. I am shocked that a lot of these places get away with everything they do. Luckily, there are movies such as Food Inc. to inform the average American what really goes on. The film’s website is also a great summary of the movie itself, providing many valuable websites about all the issues the movie touched upon. It provides a comprehensive reading list if you want to read books other people have published about the topic and tells you how you can personally take action and help the cause, such as buying organic or sustainable food with little or no pesticides and eat at home instead of ordering take out or fast food. It really is a great, very informational website.

Another thing I thought was interesting is that this week is National Agricultural Week to celebrate National Agricultural Day- March 15, 2011. National Agricultural Week is about learning about the impact agriculture in America has on our lives and what it gives us each and everyday-from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. The event is hosted in Washington DC, but all over the country it is being celebrated.

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