Posted by: ahowland | 22nd Apr, 2011

Final One

I can’t believe that I am already writing my final blog for this class. It seems like just a few weeks ago I just started writing them. I have learned an incredible amount in this class and refamiliarized myself with a substantial amount too. I truly enjoyed this class and highly recommend it to future students. I definitely wish more classes like this one were taught at Mary Washington when I was an underclassmen and not graduating in two weeks. I really wish I had time to do the sustainability minor, but I am very happy Mary Wash added it for future students to do. I think it will hopefully spread awareness about the many global environmental problems that we learned in this class to students who aren’t even an environmental science major. And yes, while this class was pretty depressing and overwhelming at times, I think it was good to show that there are so many ways to help out the environment since there are so many problems. And we just didn’t talk about the problems over and over but we also discussed ways to solve these problems too, which is an important aspect to focus on-solving them! I really enjoyed this class and am very happy I was able to take before graduating. Thanks for a great class!

Happy Earth Day!!


I just want to start off with saying that is the greatest earthday cartoon I have ever seen. Second, I completely agree, I feel like I woke up last week and it was still January. However, the idea about knowing so much more about the world is so very true, because if people don’t know about a problem then they will never be able to fix it. That is why I agree that the sustainability minor is such a good idea, because a lot of people do not want to major in environmental science, but they should still know something about the planet they live on.

Thank you! I really like this cartoon too! And I know, this school semester has gone by very fast, but it seems like they all do. And yes, a lot of people do want to help out, just without the full commitment to a major degree, therefore a smaller minor degree fits perfectly for a lot of people.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you here at UMW, and thanks for your enthusiasm about this course and all your great blog posts.

I love that cartoon! Awesome last post and I agree!


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